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Survey on Characteristics and Preferences of Generation Y & Z at Workplace

In the coming decades, Baby Boomers (born in or before 1945) will gradually retire and Generation X (born in 1965-1979) will succeed to their positions while Generation Y (born in 1980-1994) and Generation Z (born in or after 1995) become the major workforce. In the meanwhile the government has been advocating the tertiary education for young generation and the number of university graduates on the market has been increasing rapidly, many employers have to employ this new wave of work force, but are meeting challenges in working with them. We have been continuously carrying on this research project from 2010 until now. Data from Mainland China have also been collected since 2013 for better understanding of the differences of young generations between the two places.

The objectives of the Generation Y Survey are as follows:
• To help employers understand generation Y on their characteristics and preferences at workplace
• To develop appropriate strategies and tactics to work effectively with generation Y
• To exploit generation Y’s talents for future business development

The Latest Survey Report:
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Trend Analysis 2011-2014:
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Sharing Session on The Latest Survey Results on 16 October 2014 (Thu)
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Survey Questionnaire:
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